Donation Program

Our request is that we ask all animal lovers to open your hearts and purses to help these beautiful animals that so desperately need it.

Any donation made would be greatly appreciated.

The funds that are generated will be used to feed, clean and care for our animals. Thank you from our entire team and all of our animals.

Our family would like to open our animal sanctuary to the world and let them enjoy it as much as we do, soon we will be creating an adoption programme for some of animals at the sanctuary, so that we can continue the upkeep, feeding, and care that they need on a daily basis.

Ruby and Mervin

Red Faced Spider Monkeys

Ruby and Mervin are our Red Faced Spider monkeys originally from South America. Which at this time are critically endangered, these monkeys are slow to reproduce having only 1 baby every 2-4 years. 
We are extremely lucky to have them and hope in the near future that their numbers will multiply.

Stevie and Sally

White Faced Capuchins

Stevie came along our path due to an injury from birth which caused him to loose most of his tail, we happily took him on and started the quest to find him a mate. After searching high and low for 2 years we were lucky enough to get our female Sally they are definitely not best friends but starting to like each other.

Rodney and Tracy

Ring Tailed Lemur

The ring tailed lemur is endangered in the wild. The ring tailed lemur faces many threats, including habitat destruction and being hunted for its meat. The illegal pet trade is also a major threat with people accepting money to steal them for sale as exotic pets.

Bagherra and Rouge


Leopards are big cats known for their golden, spotted bodies and graceful movements. They are often thought of as an African animal, but leopards live all over the world. Though their reach is vast, their numbers are declining.

Sydney, Cooper and Lulu

Tuffted Capuchins

The tufted capuchin, also known as brown capuchin, black-capped capuchin, or pin monkey is a New World primate from South America.
Captive examples typically live up to 45 years. Here at Bushbabies, we always tell people thinking of keeping these wild animals as pets that capuchins behave like 3 year-olds but for 40 years!

Spirt and Roxy

Bengal tigers

The Bengal tiger is a Panthera tigris tigris population native to the Indian subcontinent. It is threatened by poaching, loss, and fragmentation of habitat, and was estimated at comprising fewer than 2,500 individuals.


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